Why Hire Never Clean Again?

We realize there are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing someone to clean your home. We like to say in San Diego that the market is broken down into the following four types of cleaning services.

The Franchises — Large, well branded companies usually lack in the personal touch or high level of customer service that can be provided by a locally owned and operated company. Large advertising campaigns and franchisee fees are passed down to the client costing you more. If there is a problem with the service, you could be bounced around between the cleaning staff, the company and the local franchise.

Referral Agencies — These are companies that don’t actually have any cleaning staff as employees. They use independent contractors and bid your house out. It’s not always guaranteed that you will receive the same cleaning staff or that the staff is bonded, licensed or insured. The cleaning staff are not properly supervised or trained and since basically you are hiring the cleaning staff, which in many cases does not speak English, you are left with no one to deal with if there is a problem.

The Independent — In San Diego you can count on many of these being people coming up from Mexico to clean your home. The problem is that most, if any are not bonded, licensed or insured. In many situations, it may be required that you pay the taxes for the person you hire or claim them as in independent contractor on your taxes. Not doing so could cause penalties with the IRS. Who pays if something is broken in your home? Or worse yet, the person cleaning your home slips while cleaning your shower and hurts themselves? You–the home owner! Also with the independent, if they are sick or go on vacation–so does your cleaning.

The Locally Owned Company (Never Clean Again) — All cleaning staff are employees which means they are covered by workers compensation insurance, bonded, licensed and insured. As a San Diego professional cleaning service, we have a local office with English speaking staff to help with any situation that may arise. Our staff are part of a properly trained professional cleaning service and supervised by a full time Quality Assurance Manager. Because we have cleaning teams, if someone is out sick or on vacation, we will never call to cancel on you. We offer reasonable rates because we don’t have to pay franchisee fees or other royalties. House cleaning is a very personal service. You need someone you can trust in your home. Our professional cleaning service approach to house cleaning ensures the cleanliness and health of your home. From regular housekeeping services, move-out cleanings and special projects, Never Clean Again is your premier professional cleaning service in San Diego. Never Clean Again uses non-toxic products that are not harmful to pets or children. We want to make sure you are living in a safe and healthy home. We use microfiber cloths, hospital grade sanitizers and mop all hard floors twice.

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